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  • What is Shakespearience?
    Shakespearience is a field trip for students which is performed during the school day. Essentially a "play within a play", the production follows the adventures of an acting troupe as they perform a series of scenes from Shakespeare's most famous plays. The show also includes an extensive set of study materials to aid teachers in preparing the students as well as an online preshow seminar to help supplement the performance.
  • What are the different plays featured in Shakespearience?
    Students will see scenes from the following plays: Romeo and Juliet, The Taming of the Shrew, Macbeth, Hamlet and A Midsummer Night's Dream. Because Shakespearience was created to meet the curricular needs of the teacher, each of the scenes featured in the show are from plays that are widely considered “mandatory reading” when teaching Shakespeare. Furthermore, the format of the show smoothly integrates all of the scenes into a single cohesive performance.
  • Do you use Shakespeare's original text or is there modern language in the show?
    All of the scenes featured in Shakespearience use Shakespeare's original text. However, because Shakespearience is a "play within a play", the actors in the show will speak to each other in modern, everyday language in between Shakespeare's scenes.
  • In what time period is Shakespearience set?
    The setting for Shakespearience is present day. However, all of the Shakespearean scenes featured in the show are set in the Elizabethan period - for instance, all of the sets and costumes are from the Elizabethan period to give students the experience of seeing an "originalist" production. The unique "play within a play" format allows the show to easily transition from modern day to Shakespeare's time and back without confusing the audience.
  • How long is the show and is there an intermission?
    Shakespearience is approximately 90 minutes long. There is no intermission. Please allow extra time for disembarking from your bus, seating and returning to your bus.
  • How much are tickets to the show?
    For school groups, tickets for Shakespearience range from $16 per guest for front orchestra seats to $11 per guest for balcony seats. For more information on our ticket pricing, please click here.
  • How does seating work?
    We offer four different seating sections: front orchestra, back orchestra, terrace and balcony. The earlier you make your reservation, the closer your seats are to the stage in your desired section. Many schools make their reservations 9 months in advance to ensure they receive their desired seats.
  • What is the address of the theatre?
    Shakespearience takes place at the Alex Theatre. The address is 216 North Brand Blvd. Glendale CA 91203.
  • Where do the busses drop off the students?
    Once you arrive at the Alex Theatre, please have your buses drop the students off BEHIND the theatre on Maryland Avenue. If you unload your students in front of the theatre on Brand Blvd., the Glendale police will issue you a citation.
  • Where can I find my bus after the show?
    After dropping off the students, all of the buses will be asked to park on Orange Street which is located 2 blocks west of the Alex Theatre. Following the show, your school will be dismissed by the house manager at which point your group will be directed by Alex ushers to your bus.
  • Is this show appropriate for my students?
    Absolutely! The show was created specifically for students and is appropriate for grades 5 and up. While we don't "dumb down" or alter Shakespeare's text, we are mindful of the innuendo and double entendre which he embedded throughout his plays. As such, we have carefully staged the show to avoid over-emphasizing or "playing up" the more overt references.
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